Why Provincial?

Because Provincial understands the Contractor AND the Client
Our solution benefits both.

Umbrella Companies are the solution
It's the simple, tax efficient alternative to direct employment or contracting to a limited company; IR35 legislation does not apply to the contractor while the client avoids the cost of direct employment and the risk of tax liabilities.

For employees and sole traders, accountancy, taxation, payslips, invoicing and administration - all taken care of.

Provincial - contracting payroll for the next generation
It's the best - the most innovative - it's the leading client company solution with online approvals, consolidated billing and management information - from status reports to employment trends. And it's easy, and it's fast.

Looking Forward
Provincial is an organisation - not just a system. Business ethics are at the core of what drives the organisation's mission, with an eye firmly on the future for our people, our children, and our planet:

  • Transparency in all dealings
  • Profit through innovation
  • Maximum impact on contractors and their clients - making life easier for all
  • Minimum impact on the environment
  • Support for British Olympic sport through expertise and funding
  • Active contribution to the wider community