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How it Works

Provincial Payroll is a user-friendly system for completing all of your payroll tasks and administration. It's quick and easy to use; you can submit details in your own time, at your own convenience, and it won't take you long - resulting in quick payment of your wages for minimal time and effort.

Once signed up, a contractor is immediately able to add a contract to their account, whilst Provincial set about dealing with your paperwork; identification and P45/P46.

The client or agency can also login to the system and are able to view the submitted contract before approving it online. As soon as this happens, the contractor can begin submitting timesheets and expense forms, in their own time, at any time of day, from any computer or web-enabled mobile phone.

The client or agency can review these forms online before approving each at the touch of a button. There are no phone calls chasing timesheets and expense forms, or delays caused by faxes getting lost or sending each item in the post.

Once approved, Provincial runs the payroll - calculating wages, tax, expenses and performing all of the time consuming HR and administration duties that make payroll such a laborious task. An invoice is generated and sent to the client or agency. As soon as this is paid, Provincial pays the contractor.

It couldn't be easier.