How do I apply?
Registration is simple. Use our online form to sign up today.

What is an Umbrella Company and why use one?
It's the simple, tax efficient alternative to direct employment or contracting to a limited company; IR35 legislation does not apply to the contractor while the client avoids the cost of direct employment and the risk of tax liabilities.

What are the benefits of working with Provincial?
Provincial's online web portal allows the contractor to submit timesheets and expense forms quickly and easily in their own time from any web enabled device anywhere in the world. All the client has to do is approve each sheet - Provincial does the rest; Accountancy, taxation, invoicing and administration - all taken care of, allowing you the time to concentrate on the things that matter. Provincial has a long history of contract employment, and consequently has the expertise and experience to help both contractor AND client with all of their employment needs - our service is beneficial to both.

How much does it cost?
Joining Provincial is absolutely free. All you pay is a transaction fee of 6% which is capped at £22.50 per week. This is automatically deducted from your pay - no invoicing and no hassle.

What if I'm not working? Do I still pay?
No. You only pay your fees when you submit timesheets and expenses. If you're not working, you don't pay.

Am I free to leave Provincial at any point?
There is no charge for leaving Provincial and you are free to do so at any point.

How does it work?
Once signed up a contractor can add a new contract to their account which is then approved online by the client. Now the contractor can submit timesheets and expense forms, which are also approved by the client. Provincial will then invoice the client or agency. Once the client has paid, Provincial pays the contractor.

How do I submit timesheets and expense forms?
Both timesheets and expense forms are submitted online through the secure web portal, in your own time. They are immediately ready for approval thus speeding up the time it takes to receive your payment.

How and when do I get paid?
Once your timesheets and expense forms have been approved by your client or agency, Provincial automatically invoices them. As soon as payment is made, Provincial pays the contractor. Provincial will pay you as frequently as your agreement with the client requires, be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. There is a choice of payment methods including BACS and FPS (Fast Payment Service) at no extra charge.

Do you provide any Insurance?
When you sign up to Provincial you are immediately covered by our Employers Liability Insurance (£10,000,000), Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Professional Indemnity Insurance plus Accident and Sickness cover. This is all included in your contract with us.