What does it cost?

Provincial takes a flat 6% fee, which is capped at £22.50 per transaction. So invoicing your client, getting your payslip and having the money arrive in your bank will never cost you more than £22.50.

No Hidden Fee's

  • No work, no fee
  • No leaver's fees
  • No transfer fees
  • No fees for payslips or the production of your P60

Case Study - A normal working month

Provincial Normal Pay
Gross £1300 £1300
Expenses £338 N/A
Admin Fee £22.50 N/A
ERS National Insurance £106.82 N/A
PAYE £143.34 £236.80
EE's National Insurance £80.05 £131.45
Take Home Pay £947.30 £931.75

A saving of £15.55!! (based on typical earnings of £1300 and a standard personal allowance tax code of 603L and NI category A.